Returning home

At some point this lifestyle will not suit you anymore. Maybe you start a relationship with someone, your aging parents need you, or you have found a place that really feels like home to you. When it’s time to change, don’t hang onto the idea of moving around longer than you should. This lifestyle is about doing what you want to do and if being in one place is what you want, do it! Now you know that you can be anywhere, you will never be stuck again. That option will always be available.

When you get back, few people are going to want to look at all of the 3,000 photographs you took and will eventually get tired of hearing about how different things are in "wherever-land". So have one good story and one great photo and be ready to answer the question “so how was overseas?”.

Actually not that cute and
a water bottle thief, besides.

Just say “Yeah it was cool, one time this monkey climbed on me. Here, look at a photo of his cute widdle faaace” (I’m sure you can do better than that) and then get back to catching up on all the things you missed in their lives. The other stories will come up naturally when you’re reminded of them by specific events.

Maybe you’ve grown up and changed a lot because of your travels, but try not to look down on people who have not travelled. Their path is just as valid as yours and they’ve faced different challenges.